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Hi! I'm Erin.

My name is Erin Weber and I am the artist behind “Erin’s Originals”. I grew up on a beef farm in the rural community of Rainier in Southern Alberta. This fostered a love for nature’s beauty, life, and an appreciation for hard work, which I believe are important qualities in an artist. My family and friends have always been very supportive of creativity and as a result I have been drawing, creating, and painting for as long as I can remember. Especially as a self taught artist, I enjoy trying new mediums and tools to see what I can do with them. Around ten years ago I decided to settle on certain mediums in an attempt to focus, learn, and get comfortable with those tools, and as a result I have worked primarily with acrylic and watercolour paints along with pencil and inks. I have explored these mediums in a variety of variations, and I feel like I have been able to see progress in the process over these past years. In the past few months I have had the opportunity to learn about painting with underglaze on ceramics. It has been a joy to use my practiced skills of drawing and painting in a different way and I am looking forward to continuing to learn. The past seven years have been another kind of different with the addition of children to our family. I now work at a different pace as my family takes priority, but I love to keep working at my artwork when I find the time and energy. I offer what I can when I can in this season of life. I love working with people on custom projects when I can. Let me know if you have an idea you would like to see become more concrete and we can see about getting you an "Erin's Original" to keep or to gift. 

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